Darien - Echoes Magazine

The Next SoulMan: Darien's debut Album,"If These Walls Could Talk", is about to make him an artist of huge importance to Soul Fans...The advance CD stood out a mile. The attention to detail that great [not just good] artists have is immediately evident... >>read full review

Darien - Soul Bounce

Not sure when this is due to drop but is one well worth waiting for. A solid album all the way through with several danceloor friendly tracks...An excellent album, very well produced with many top tracks and heartily recommended ---Mike Ashley, Life and Soul Promotions, UK. >>read full review

Darien - Nu Soul Magazine

There are no low points on this album. It’s polished yet not overproduced. Thoughtful lyrics about love and life combined with serious music, truly make this 15 track offering a gift from the heart. This really is ‘grown-folks’ music at its best.
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Darien - Soul Interviews

Independent artists are often compared to big name singers to give context for their sound. Darien's music stands on its own. The tone and thickness of his voice, his phenomenal range, and his unique poetic ability are more comparable to the era of old soul than any one vocalist. >>read full review

Darien - Dusty Groove America, Inc

One of the strongest tracks we've heard from Bakura in years -- a cut that burst out of the box from the very first note, then explodes in a flurry of soaring keyboards and soulful vocals! Darien's the lead singer on the cut, and he brings a really classic club sensibility to the main mix -- and has a sound that adapts nicely to Domu's mix -- especially in some of the scatting vocals at the start, which really slide wonderfully over the beats! -------- Dusty Groove America, Inc. Dustygroove.com

Margot B - 7-28-12 New York Show Review

Margot introduced herself to the crowd and paused as the crowd sent a resounding chorus of admiration back to the stage for her. She recognized Kia Bennett for the performance that she put on, preceding Margot. >>read full review

Margot B - R&B singer Margot B. records live album at the New Hazlett Theater

Too often, live albums are more tour souvenirs than great listening experiences -- Stop Making Sense, Live at the Apollo and Kick Out the Jams are the kind of exceptions that prove the rule. (In its own category entirely: Frampton Comes Alive.) So it's a bold move when a young R&B singer sets out to cut an album of all-new material in front of a live theater audience. ---Aaron Jentzen, Pittsburgh City Paper >>read full review

Margot B. is finding her fit as singer, actor

It's hard to believe that Margot B. was once on the outside looking in ... at anything. But when she attended Chartiers Valley High School, before transferring to Pittsburgh's Creative and Performing Arts school in the 10th grade, she felt out of place.---Rege Behe, Tribune Review
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