Miles Anthony, CEO of Righteous Music Media LLC A native of Harlem, NY, Miles Anthony’s love for music started as a child. His interests grew in college when he became a disc jockey at UCONN, spinning for 91.7 WHUS FM radio in Storrs Connecticut. The college radio station’s popularity developed due to his fantastic voice and innovative approach to audience connection. Miles continued to explore new and exciting heights in music while at UCONN by joining the university gospel choir, where the discovery for the love for singing began. After college, Miles worked at DNA International Records and S.O.U.L Records, two independent Hip Hop labels with major distribution. It was there he gained the elementary formula to the workings of the music business. These were skills that he would continue to take with him and build upon throughout his career. Simultaneously, he joined several male R&B groups. Most notably, was the wildly popular DyeVerse, who got their record deal with a then budding record label Roc-a-fella Records. Miles’ other profession includes Audio Engineering, working for worldwide cable TV networks. As an engineer, Miles understands the importance of mass media and it’s contributions to the world of music. Although he took on other positions, his roots in music remained and therein lies the birth of Righteous Music Media LLC and Righteous Music Records. Putting to use all of these remarkable skills obtained to expand his company, it is no wonder that Miles Anthony is already a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Righteous Music Media LLC is an entertainment, artist management, referral, and entertainment industry consultation firm. Righteous Music Records is a collaborative entity for development of the recording artists. What sets apart Righteous Music Media LLC and Righteous Music Records from others is its artist involvement. Any artist signed to the label or to management has a clear stake on his/her own creative development. The firm’s functions are including, but not limited to, A&R, songwriting, branding, marketing strategies and artist development. Coming from the standpoints of the artist and of the music business, Miles can identify with all aspects that confront artists. It is Miles Anthony’s dedication to exposing timeless music with some of the world’s most talented that is going to stand the test of time.

what we do?

Righteous Music Media, LLC works with talented artists, who still believe in music as an art form and provides a platform for them to convey fresh yet timeless music.


We are the driving force behind innovative and creative music. Our artist live and breathe sound. The skills and musicianship of Righteous Music Media's artist are nothing short of remarkable. We are showing the world that "ARTISTIC and IMAGINATIVE" music will always win.

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